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The INMO AIR 2 AR Glasses deliver a stunning, hi-res augmented reality experience in a stylish and lightweight design. With the built-in SMART GLASSES technology, you can enjoy precise control and clarity anytime, anywhere. Experience immersive visuals with true-to-life features and colors.


The World's First Wireless Portable AR Glasses

Made for Tech-Savvy People Like You

Make Your Fitness Journey Smarter

With its powerful algorithm and wireless design, INMO Air2 makes workout more intelligent and enjoyable. And unlike other AR glasses, it’s completely wireless and lightweight. More amazingly, its ergonomic and fashionable design makes it a comfortable fit and a stylish accessory for you wherever you go.


Tired of constantly checking your phone when cycling or trying to get to places? INMO Air2 helps you remain focused by providing navigation that blends with the real world right in front of your eyes.

Personal Tutor

Enhance your cycling, skateboarding, treadmill (walking), and outdoor yoga. Find a tutorial online and have detailed instructions visualized right in front of your eyes, in real-time. It’s like having a personal tutor right there with you

Enjoy HD Display
With Your Head Held High

The full-color dual-display, directional speaker and small size of INMO Air2 allow it to serve as a perfect device for watching shows and more.


It’s the first ever wireless AR glasses that can easily fit into your pocket. It is built with a 100% sRGB dual-display offering you bright, crisp visuals.


Say goodbye to “text neck” syndrome and embrace the amazing possibilities INMO Air2 offers. Not only can you use it to comfortably watch videos, you can also read novels and comics, listen to music or audiobooks, and do so much more in whatever position you like and wherever you are without disturbing others.

Your Mini Office on the Go

INMO Air2 is also your mini office in your pocket with multiple ways to interact and practical apps.

Mini Office

Besides the touch pads on both arms of the glasses, you can also read files or write emails with the help of the ring, a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Get a zoom call when you are enjoying a vacation? Simply answer the call with INMO Air2 and keep chilling.


It also provides translation in real time which revolutionizes how people communicate when they don’t share a common language. Be it in business settings or casual meetups, INMO Air2 makes cross-language communications a breeze.

Speech Helper

There’s also an app that keeps you notified of important messages on your phone. Moreover, with INMO Air2 as your secret weapon, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your speech anymore.

Yes, the Future is Here

For INMO Air2, as cool as its features are, the design is even more futuristic. The thick-rimmed geometric frame and adjustable nose pads making INMO Air2 fit practically any facial shape without losing the fashionable look. You can switch between sunglasses, flat lenses and myopia lenses.

Air2 also comes with a 3-color breath light of battery and a light sensor that helps the screen adjust to the environment.

Capture the Moments
from First Person View

INMO Air2 helps you record your life from an FPV with two cameras and AI powered stabilization. Apart from offering immersive photos and recordings of high quality, INMO Air2 makes the process much smoother.

By using the ring, the touch pads or voice command, you can capture the beautiful moments before it flees without even moving a finger. There’s no need to distract yourself or others with a phone holding up when all you need to do is to enjoy the present and let INMO Air2 do its job. After that, you can share those moments on your social media right away.

Cutting-Edge Design

By integrating the lightweight 6dof algorithm and cloud positioning algorithm, INMO Air2 is the industry's first lightweight dual display AR glasses. You will be able to experience 3D, multi-bit spatial AR effects on the lightweight device INMO Air2, and become early adopters of cutting-edge technologies in the future.

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