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  1. Key training effects of the GOFLO® Grip Core Bar

  2. Concept of the GOFLO® Grip Core Bar

  3. The Science Principles Behind the GOFLO® Grip Core Bar

  4. Difference between GOFLO® Grip Core Bar to other suspension trainers.

  5. GOFLO® Grip Core BarInstallation and Usage

  6. Recommended GOFLO® Grip Core Bar Warm-Up. 

  7. GOFLO® Grip Core Bar Correct and Incorrect Positions.

  8. GOFLO® Grip Core Bar Elastic String Adjustments.

  9. GOFLO® Grip Core Bar Unique Exercises.

  10. Organization of the class.

  11. Various GOFLO® Grip Core Bar exercises for different levels of training.

  12. Teaching skills such as effective cuing/facilitation in Group Fitness and special GOFLO® Grip Core Bar cues.

  13. Group motivation.

  14. Completion of sample GOFLO® Grip Core Bar class workout.