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Become a certified TE3 Trainer and join team TE3


Our global network has already over 500 certified trainers.

Our practice-oriented education programs are designed for sports, fitness and rehabilitation professionals. By completing the education you will:


Use the TE3 Mobility Stick and its functions.
Understand the significance of measuring and improving mobility both in sports and daily life.


Sell and execute TE3 Mobility Analyses.
Offer your expertise for more effective training.
Differentiate your offering by calling yourself a certified TE3 Trainer for 12 months.
Use the TE3 Brand in sales and marketing for 12 months.


Share your knowledge and experiences with our TE3 community.
Get support and expert knowledge from TE3.

The education is a one day course consisting of two units:

PART 1: TE3 Mobility Test

In this section you learn how to execute the TE3 Mobility Test, which is the first part of the TE3 Mobility Analysis. By measuring 13 body movements, the TE3 Mobility Stick sends the results to the TE3 App, which charts the ranges of motion and potential left/right imbalances in body mobility. It then compares them to reference values, finding potential problems and restrictions in mobility.

PART 2: TE3 Mobility Exercises

The TE3 Mobility Exercises are corrective exercises for the results of TE3 Mobility Test. After performing the test, the trainer gives the client a customized exercise routine to fix the problems found in his/her mobility.

The exercises can be either increasing strength or body mobility, depending on whether the muscle is too long or strong.

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