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Zeus Titan Massage Gun

Zeus Titan Massage Gun

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Zeus Titan Massage Gun

-Large Capacity and Long Endurance three sections 2000 MAH 18650

- Powerful sensing push

- Intelligent adjustment of output power ( 12mm depth of fatty acids, instant relief of muscle fatigue)

- Power goes deep into the muscles sweeping fatigue ache (16 kg strong thrust, can maintain ultra- high intensity strike frequency, penetrate deep muscle groups below 12mm)

- HOT and COLD intelligence dual chip adjustment design ( rapid temperature change in 4 seconds)

- Massage with temperature heat and cold shock relief of soreness

-Six core advantages  

- 8 types of massage heads (precise soothing of muscle throughout the body) 

  (spherical  u-head, platycephaly, conical, concave, thumb, air cushion, shovel head)

- High power monitor 

- 2 batteries of 2000 each

- 15 speed  adjustable ( relieve fatigue from shallow and deep)

- Pre- exercise (wake up the muscles),  During the exercise ( active muscles) , After exercise (carding fascia)

-Convenient type C charging, Replicable battery


Gears 1-2 Muscle arousal 1600- 1700R/min

Gears 3-5 fascia relaxation 1800-2000R/min

Gears 6-8 Decomposed lactic acid 2100-2300R/min

Gears 9-12 Deep therapy 2400-2700R/min

Gears 13-15 Professional model 2500-3000/min

- Motor speed 3200  

- Rated voltage 7.4V

- Type c charging (5V-2A)

-Battery capacity 2000mAH

- Gear adjustment  15 knots

- Net Product weight 1.3KG 

- Power supply mode rechargeable battery 




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